Monica Garden cottage Bungalow Valparai

Monica Garden cottage Bungalow Valparai – This cottage was in-built 1925. The theme here is life and tenting. The cottage has three bedrooms with practical fireplaces, AN elegantly supplied with drawing space and eating space. Like all Briar Tea Bungalows, this cottage additionally contains a well maintained garden in a sexy and spacious compound. There square measure a complete of four,500 sq.ft of living space, and room and a terrace. Another welcome feature here is that the presence of four well-equipped tents. The tents square measure fairly massive, with a tastily supplied with within while not diluting the toughness one would expect from tenting outdoors. the realm encompassing the cottage offers glorious opportunities for long walks and life photography.

Monica Bungalow - Valparai
Monica Bungalow – Valparai

Tents at Monica Garden cottage Bungalow Valparai

Monica Garden cottage at Valparai is well accessible and contains a terribly massive compound. owing to the expanse of house, the four tents placed here fancy privacy. The tents go with 220 sq.ft of house ANd an exceptionally massive space with a well appointed lavatory. The areas encompassing the tents supply glorious potentialities for long walks, cycling and life photography. The tents have access to an outsized Bar-B-Q pit for time of day activities; particularly for campfires. Another distinctive feature of this tent web site is that the large trees that surround them forming a lush cover of leafage.

Monica Garden cottage Bungalow Valparai Guest capability

Three guests will be accommodated within the single wood Chalets whereas 5 will be accommodated within the double. Tents square measure good for 2 guests, however they’re massive enough to accommodate further bed.
Dining space

In properties wherever tents and wood chalets square measure gift, there’s a detached selected eating space completely for the guests occupying such facilities.

Guest Safety

All Briar Tea cottage compounds square measure safely and totally secured with electrical fence and automatic early warning systems to protect guests from wild animals. fireplace fighting equipments and lightning arresters square measure provided for every unit; particularly at wood chalets and tents. Besides, there square measure alert security forces guarding the properties 24×7. Your peace of mind and security square measure of utmost priority for North American nation.