Parambikulam Resorts – A Best Wildlife Tourist Place

Parambikulam ResortsParambikulam Resorts / Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is the most protected ecological piece of Anamalai sub unit of Western Ghats, surrounded on all sides by protected areas and sanctuaries of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the sanctuary is endowed with a peninsular flora and fauna which are excellently conserved due to total protection and minimal human interferences. Parambikulam Resorts being a major ecological continuum from Peechhi to Eravikulam through Anamalai aids the large viable populations of wildlife. Parambikulam Resorts are the home ground for different races of indigenous people who are as well an integral part of the prevailing harmonious ecosystem. The thick, opulent habitat of the sanctuary with ample water supply make it an abode for wildlife and there by for tourist who can have treasured memories of animal sightings and that of being in the lap of mother nature

Parambikulam Resorts – Govt Accommodation facilities available in the sanctuary:

Parambikulam Resorts - ActivitiesParambikulam with its panoramic landscape, meandering streams, extensive water-spread of the reservoir, cascading waterfalls, rolling hills and valleys and a wealth of biodiversity, is one of the most captivating place on earth.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve are well kept and hygienic facilities available to accommodate the discerning tourist are given below :

  • Tented Homes at Anappady      14 beds (7 tents)
  • Veettikunnu Island Inn      6 beds
  • Treetop Hut, Thunacadavu     2
  • Treetop Hut, Parambikulam     2
  • Elephant valley home, Parambikulam      6 beds
  • Bison valley Home, Parambikulam     6
  • Sambar Machan (Kuriarkutty)     5 Nos.
  • Peacock Machan (Vengoli)     5 Nos.
  • Cheetal Machan (Anakkal)     5 Nos.
  • Thellikkal IB      8 beds
  • LTM House      6 beds
  • Bay Owl Shed (Bagapallam)      5 Nos
  • Tahr shed (Vengoli)     5 Nos
  • Cane Turtle Shed (Thuthanpara)       5 Nos.
  • iger Hall, Parambikulam      20 Nos.
  • Masheer Dormitory, Anappady     40 Nos.
  • Salim Ali Study centre     10 Nos

Note: For booking in the above facilities, the Tourist Information Centres at Anappady and Parambikulam managed by Tribal Eco-development Committees shall be approached. Booking will be made on ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis and on availability.

Tented Niche

Tented Niche is a unique camping opportunity provided at Anappady campus to experience the nature. It is a package programme inclusive of vehicle safari, bamboo rafting, bird watching, trekking and tribal symphony with food and accommodation. The salient features of this package are follows.

  • Halting at eco friendly hut with real nature experience.
  • All huts are electrified with attached bath and toilet.
  • Dining in a tribal hut with buffet system.
  • Local Vegetarian / Non-vegetarian foods are available.
  • Each tent will be looked by one Naturalist.
  • 7 tents are available, two persons per tent, One extra person permitted.
  • Parambikulam Resorts A Eco Tourism Activities
  • More accommodations

Parambikulam Activities and Packages

Trekking Packages
  • Kariyanshola Trail
  • Pugmark Trail
  • Bear Path Trail
Parambikulam Night Halt Packages
  • Tented Niche
  • Honey Comb Complex
  • Treetop Hut Parambikulam
  • Bison Valley Parambikulam
  • Treetop Hut Thunakadavu
  • Cheetal Valley Thunacadavu
  • Civet Valley Thunacadavu

Nature Education

  • Paid Nature Camps
  • Jungle Camps
  • Thellikkal Nights
  • Bamboo Island
  • Veettikunnu Island Nest

Day Packages

  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Kannimara Safari
  • Tribal Symphony
  • Jungle Safari

Special Attractions

  • Kannimara Teak
  • Nature Interpretation Centre
  • Orientation Centre
  • Vanasree Ecoshop
  • Tribal Heritage Centre
  • Dam View Points
  • Valley View Point
  • Parambikulam Dam
  • Thunakadavu Dam