Topslip Tourism – Topslip Forest Guest House Booking

Topslip Tourism Government Guest HouseTopslip Tourism – TopSlip is a tiny village where you get all tourism information, it has a reception and information center, guest lodging, a canteen run by a co-operative, a ration shop and the Forest Department’s office. Since this is a restricted zone, elephant safaris and jeep rides into the sanctuary are organized by the Forest Department at a nominal cost. One could also take a walk into the jungle with the permission of the Forest Department who send a tribal guide to accompany you.

Topslip Tourism – Attractions : Camps

Topslip Kothalai Elephant CampTopslip Kothalai camp is around 6 kms inside the forest. The charges in this camp are around 1000 for a group of and in addition to it 2 guides and a gunman. 12 kms from the kothalai camp is the kottaivali which also has the same charges as kothalai camp. Both these camps are in karimalai range. Then there is the orukombankutti camp also in the orukomban range. This camp is around 12 kms in the jungle and has the same charges as of the above mentioned two camps. The cheapest camp is however the bison valley lodge which charges only rs 150 per head. There is also a community hall for large groups. This hall can accommodate 30-35 people and per head one has to pay rs is compulsory to hire a jeep to enter any of these places. While on a visit to Anaimalai these camps are an excellent option to stay. In the midst of the nature these camps prove helpful in bonding one with nature.

Topslip Tourism – Herbal House

Topslip Animal Site Seeing

There is also is “Medicinal Plants Interpretation Center” at Topslip, the first of its kind in India, cultivates medicinal plants. The center displays information about endangered and endemic medicinal plants and Indian systems of medicine by qualified ayurvedic and siddha vaidyas (doctors).

Topslip Tourism – Birds in Indira Gandhi National Park

A large number of people all over the world enjoy bird watching in India. There are over 1200 species of birds found in the India and at least 500 species alone in the Indira Gandhi Sanctuary or Indira Gandhi National Park. In here birds are colorful, lively and interesting to listen to. Bird watching does not require a lot of equipment; just a good pair of binoculars and a field guide that helps identifies the bird.

Topslip Bird WatchingTopslip Tourism Bird Watching – Getting Started: The best way to start bird watching is to go with someone who has been birding for a while in Indira Gandhi Sanctuary. You will find many local birding clubs. Many good bookshops in Tamil Nadu have a selection of books, magazines and tapes on bird watching. A person will identify common local species using their field guide.

Choosing a Bird Guide: The guide includes information about habitats and maps showing range of different birds found in Tamil Nadu and where and when they migrate and what their song or call sounds like. The better guides show seasonal color changes, similar appearing species, and provide information on how to tell them apart. The guides also give information about the various birding sites in Indira Gandhi Sanctuary.

Range Maps shows areas in Indira Gandhi Sanctuary or Tamil Nadu, inhabited by a particular bird. This is helpful in eliminating similar appearing species. Range maps also tell when the species are in the area. Some birds are year round residents in this sanctuary, some are found only in the summer or winter, some pass though during migration to other parts of Tamil Nadu or India or maybe even overseas. Through the use of different symbols and colors, range maps can tell a the visitor about these things

Topslip Tourism – Flora in Indira Gandhi National Park

The variety of India’s climate and geography is reflected in its rich flora & fauna. The beautiful land of jungles is the best place in the world to see. India has for years on attracted the attentions of wildlife specialists.

The vegetation or Flora in Indira Gandhi National Park comprises some 8,000 species of plants. The jungles in Indira Gandhi Sanctuary are thick and wooded with the flora to back up the fabulous fauna. There are evergreen forests in Indira Gandhi National Park, which are moist and deciduous forests and the lagoons and estuaries, sheltering unique forms of plant and animal life. The dry deciduous, the semi-evergreen, and the wet temperate habitat of this park contain teak, rose wood and many miscellaneous tropical species.

Topslip Tourism Activities – Trekking

Topslip Trekking _ Tourist ActivitiesTopslip Tourism This place is greatly known for its scenic nature and it is also a right place for any visitor who desires to give an initial kick-off in trekking. Trekking in this hill will be the best start for a novice! You can follow quite different trekking routes and each trekking route will differ from simple to difficult trek! Quite few simple treks that could be taken are Pandaravara is merely 8 km, Kozhikamuthu is 12 km (Kolambumalai (5 hrs moderately difficult trek), Karian Shola forest (2 hrs easy trek)). These places are merely easy to trek whereas the difficult places of trekking include the Perunkundru, which is 32 km. To start your trek, you must have to get permits from the respective Range authorities at the Topslip.

Mt Stuart Block is located a short three kilometers from Top Slip and is home to an ancient forest department bungalow. The grave of Hugo Wood can be found there. Hugo Wood was a British officer that made sure that teak wood saplings were planted to replace any teak timber that was harvested. His tombstone is inscribed with a Latin phrase that translates to mean “If you want to see me, look around”. This area has many bears there, so sighting one is definitely a possibility. Be cautious where you step though, because so many bears mean a large amount of droppings and pug marks.

If you are an amateur but passionate when it comes to trekking then Anamalai hills are your undeniable choice. These hills would be your customized platform for entry level trekking. You will have different options as far as the routes are concerned categorized under easy and difficult.

Topslip Tourism Interests – Elephant Camps

The Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp is a rather exclusive place that elephants are kept trained and housed. There are 50 Malisar tribe families that live at this particular camp. The Malisar tribe belongs to the elephant handler’s caste, so these families are especially skilled in working with these Asian elephants. The only way to travel into this remote elephant camp is by forest jeep. You must also receive special permission from the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary Rangers to even travel into this elephant camp. These requirements make this elephant camp an especially intriguing experience since relatively few people actually get to visit there.

Topslip Tourism Varagaliar Elephant Camp

The Varagaliar Elephant Camp is in as remote of an area as is possible. It is located right on the fringe of the core forest. 21 domesticated elephants claim this camp as home. These elephants have not been trained to be used with tourists. Instead, these elephants are primarily used to assist with any conflicts that occur between wild elephants and man in the nearby Valparai Plateau. At this location it is becoming more and more common for elephants to intrude on tea gardens. It is very rare for someone to receive permission to visit this particular elephant camp. If permission is to be obtained, you must talk with the Deputy Conservator of Forests. Only a forest jeep can get you into this remote location. This camp lodges the 21 elite commandos responsible for the security of the tea gardens and from elephant related conflicts in the nearby Valparai plateau. The commando force comprises not of highly trained army corps but highly trained and elite elephants. Situated at the Extreme core of the forest, access to this camp is literally impossible unless you get the nod from the Deputy Conservator of Forests.

Topslip Tourism Entry formalities:

  1. If you are visiting the park for the day you can go directly to Top Slip (Entry INR 50). The Sethumadai checkpost is the entry point to IGNP.
  2. In case you plan to stay at Top Slip, accommodation must be booked in advance at the: Wildlife Warden Office. ( Open Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm)
  3. Park entry time is between 6.30 am and 6 pm.

Topslip Park details and tips:

  1. Private vehicles can be drive to the park. Top Slip is best enjoyed if a car is hand at all times. However, inside the Top slip you can not use your own vechecle. On the other hand, you can enjoy the transportation facilities from forest department vechcles.
  2. It is possible to walk around the park. You must have a Park Guide with you and you are allowed to walk in the park for a maximum of four hours for INR 70 per person.
  3. There is provision for a conducted bus ride from the Park Reception Office and riding elephants may also be available.
  4. Local food and refreshments are available at the facility run at the Tourist Complex, Top slip. 5. Ticks and leeches can be a serious menace, specially in the summer months. Carry protection and stick to tracks
  5. Many lone male elephants at Top Slip are known rouges, travel on foot with a guide. Accommodation in the Park is very basic and it is best to carry sleeping bags and emergency supplies.
  6. A booking at a particular guesthouse may not assure you of accommodation at it. The final allocation decision is left to the Department staff at Top Slip. A provision shop functions near the reception area and reasonably stocked for necessities.
  7. Tourism seems to be low priority at this Park – be prepared for inadequate support from Forest Deptt. staff.

Topslip Tourism Information

  • Name of location – Top Slip, Pollachi, TN, India.
  • Longitude – 76°00′ – 77°56′ E; Latitude: 10°12′ – 11°07′ N
  • Temperatures- Min 2°C (winter); Max 25°C (summer)
  • Season- Between May to June and October to March
  • Off – Season- March/ April to May (Mostly park will be closed )

Topslip Tourism Transportation

  • Flight Service – Coimbatore
  • Train Service – Coimbatore & Pollachi
  • Bus Service – Pollachi & Sethumadai

Topslip Tourism Features

  • Mountain walks/Hiking, Excellent safari around the periphery of the National Park , Herbal/ Nature walks
  • Birding Watching, Wildlife Safari at Top Slip , Visit to Tribal Villages
  • Topslip Tourism Nearby Tourist sides
  • Anamalai, Aliyar, Monkey falls, Chinnar, Grass hills,
  • Amaravathi reservoir (popular for crocodiles), Attakatti etc.,