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  • Valparai is a vast and beautiful region in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located just north of the state’s capital, Chennai. Valparai is a distinct region in the Northern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, known for its rich history of religious tourism, culture, and festivals, as well as its scenic beauty.
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Looking for a hassle-free vacation? Valparai might be the perfect destination for you. From its uninhabited wildlife to the dense forests, it has something for everyone. Read on to know about the different tourist attractions in Valparai

The best time to visit Valparai is between the months of September to March.

The main crop in Valparai is rubber, coffee, cardamom, pepper, tea, and cashew nut.

04253 stands for ‘Sri Lankan Tea and Coffee Traders Association’.

Valparai has a high concentration of tea and coffee. CLOTHING : Light summer clothes for most of the year. However between Dec. and Feb. it is advisable to carry warm clothes. LANGUAGE : Tamil is the local language

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